Theatre Review: Cirque Berserk at Kings Theatre

Cirque Berserk Glasgow Review The Student AdvertiserIf you are looking for something different but still exciting and amazing to watch at the theatre then definitely go see the Cirque Berserk, brought to us by Julius Green and Martin Burton. The event is a fun-filled spectacle that is enjoyed by not only young children, but adults as well.

There was acrobats, globe of terror, foot juggling, slapstick comedy and many more to keep the audience interested the whole way through. As the first act brought the excitement to the event, it opened with the Timbuktu Tumblers and they were getting cheered on for their strength and liveliness they were bringing to the stage to entertain the audience.

The slapstick comedian Tweedy, who was from Scotland, brought a lot of laughter from his performance. He was very interactive with members of the audience, bringing them onto the stage for one of his sketches. His balancing acts and slapstick through each performance induced a lot of joy and cheer from the audience.

Germaine Delbosq, a foot juggler from France who is very skilled in her movements, managed to throw and catch balls, rings, cubes and even objects, that were set on fire, with her feet.

The aerial ballet was stunning to watch as there was a true elegance that shone through to break the act’s up. There wasn’t much cheer for the act, possibly because there was so much going on from another act on the floor below that the audience were forgetting to look up at them.

The two highlights from the show guessing from the audience’s response were the Tropicana Troupe, who catapult themselves into the air with a springboard to make somersaults and land fearlessly on a high chair, the audience were cheering them on from start to finish.

The ultimate act was the finale with the Lucius Team who went into the globe of terror on four motorbikes and drove around insanely fast which heightened everyone’s adrenaline as it was brilliant to watch. The bikes lit up as the globe went dark to bring that extra energy to their performance.

Production design was dominated by the globe of terror, it took centre stage through each performance, keeping the audience intrigued as to what to expect from it. The costumes for each act matched their performance and the themes of the individual shows related well to the circus. As the King’s Theatre has a small stage it was impressive that they managed to fit each different set needed for the individual performances.

Cirque Berserk as a whole was amazing to watch due to the excitement each act brought to stage with their own performance. It’s certainly different and people may find themselves unsure of it – I was at first – but it completely changes your mind, right from the first act. 

If you missed Cirque Berserk at The Kings Theatre, it’s heading back to Scotland this March. Get your tickets for the Edinburgh run (10-12 March) here.

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