5 Alternative Ways to Make Some Cash

 There comes a time in every one of our lives where we are feeling so skint that we consider some serious illegal activity to be able to gain a little bit of financial support. However I’m here to advise you against that as there are legitimate ways to make money while being unemployed. So don’t start selling drugs in a dark club somewhere in the city. While you are applying for jobs you should do the following to be able to make some money while you’re struggling.


guitar-case-485112_12801. BUSKING
One of the most common alternative methods that will help people make money is busking on the busy streets of Glasgow. However to be able to have an impactful income based on busking then you have to actually be talented. If you know how to jam with a guitar, keyboard, saxophone or have the voice of an angel then this is your calling card. If you’re up to the task then you’ll need supreme confidence to be able to busk within the city of Glasgow. Area’s such as Buchannan Street, Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street are all busy locations best suited for busking. Perhaps at the end of your street set you will have enough money for a pint, dinner and a train home.

Useful websites: Glasgow’s Code of Good Practise for Buskers and Street Performers


alternative ways to make some cash


If you search hard enough online, you will inevitably come across someone who is willing to pay a fair amount of money if you complete a simple survey. These surveys can be based on a variety of issues such as politics or popular culture. You don’t even need any skills to do this one. All you really need is an email address and an internet connection. After signing up, you just need to wait for notifications in your inbox before completing whatever survey gets sent to you. It’s as easy as that, there are plenty of websites to choose from and there are no strings attached. 

Useful websites: Swagbucks, YouGov, Vivatic and MySurvey


dreamstime_xs_200083173. SELL HOMEMADE ITEMS

This like busking requires a certain amount of talent for you to effectively make enough money to get you by. If you can make a necklace, bracelet or any other type of jewellery then ask your friends or family what they think about it. If they convince you that your work is good enough for a target market then keep making items that are nice and affordable. If you excel at something, you may as well take advantage of it.

Useful websites: Etsy


Everybody has a variety of unwanted possessions within their houses and flats. Just general stuff you don’t use anymore. A notable example of this would be games and DVD’s. The majority of students and citizens use their laptops or game consoles to stream movies and televisions series whenever they want to watch something. 

Movies among our possessions now don’t hold nearly as much value as they once did. Which is why you may as well sell them before their value plummets even more. Stores such as CEX provide a fair amount of money for unwanted movies. The same applies to games you don’t play anymore. Compare websites online to see what company will provide the most for your items. This especially useful for unwanted Christmas items that you receive during the festive period.

Useful websites: Book Scouter, Music Magpie, Vinted and Zapper



The majority of people who live in suburban areas where they know a lot of their neighbours can do little things for their community. Go around the local area and offer gardening services, window cleaning or other manual work. In exchange for money most neighbours would trust a local person to assist them with home maintenance.

Useful websites: Five Squid


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