Exam Stress and Natural Remedies

So at this time of year we should be all looking forward to enjoying the festive period and time off. But instead we have masses of coursework to do, deadlines, presentations and the least favourable part of being at university – exam stress!

Exams are placed at the wrong time of the year. For some, they fall just before Christmas and for others, they fall just after Christmas. So it does feel like the exam board are out to ruin our festive fun. With all the pressure that accumulates at university in December, alongside the extra added pressure of Christmas shopping and the festivities around the New Year period, it’s only natural to feel stressed out and tired.

webBut don’t panic! Napiers the Herbalists, located in the heart of the West End, can help worn out students put the spring back in their step with a variety of natural and herbal remedies.

Napiers sell a great variety of natural remedies that are sure to help you destress. So here are a few that will get you through those tedious nights of continuous studying. The Study Essential Oil Blend is a great purchase and at a price of £5.95, it’s not going to break the bank either. 

Studying over the festive period is never easy, and it can be hard to maintain concentration when surrounded by festivities. Napier’s Study Essential Oil Blend contains peppermint and rosemary to help clear the mind and regain focus.

The blend also includes basil, which is excellent for aiding mental fatigue and helping memory – especially helpful when trying to drill in those facts and figures. 

The best way to use this product is to dilute and massage into temples or wrists to feel the calming benefits almost immediately. I don’t know what it’s like in your house, but in mine, a good cup of tea can fix almost anything. 

And if this applies in your household, then Napiers Rosy Calm Tea is just for you. Avoid overdosing on caffeine by trying Napiers Rosy Calm Tea. The soothing combination of rose and chamomile is livened by ginger and lemon and allows time to regain focus. The calming nature of the ingredients promotes balance and wellbeing both mentally and physically, helping tackle the day head on. 

If there is no time to indulge between running from lectures to the library, the Napiers stress blend (£12) is an ideal herbal remedy for those on the go. The remedy includes the herb Skullcap, known for its mild sedative qualities it is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping or struggle to sit still. Vervain is also in the blend, which is commonly used to relieve anxiety and tension headaches which are a common ailment for students before exams. 

So it’s the end of the day, you have had your cup of rosy calm tea, but just don’t feel quite chilled out enough. No problem. Why not try a hot bath? The Lavender Heart Bath Fizz (£2.50) is not only a cute stocking filler (two birds one stone situation here – cure your stress and a Christmas present for someone else) but the calming effects of the lavender will encourage relaxation.

The soothing aroma will relieve headaches and calm stress, allowing the body to relax and prepare it to take the heavyweight textbooks. Simply pop into a steamy bath and watch as the bubbles fizz and anxieties melt away. A herbal or natural remedy is an easy and effective way to relieve stress. 

Napiers the Herbalists is located on Cresswell Street, only a short walk from Hillhead underground. In store there are over 300 herbs and the expert practitioners are available to advise on the best remedies and herbs to help individual stress concerns.

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