5 Minutes With: Deaf Havana

Deaf Havana have been making waves across the alternative rock spectrum since back in 2013, when their hugely successful album Old Souls catapulted the band into the UK rock big league.

Guitarist Matthew Veck-Gilodi recently took time out to discuss life, music and the band’s highly-praised fourth album, All These Countless Nights, ahead of their gig at Glasgow’s O2 ABC on 18 February.

A lot of you went to college together, and some high school, what was it like growing up with each other? Did you always want to be in a band together?

More than wanting to be in a band together we just fell into it cause there wasn’t much else to do growing up in Norfolk! But yeah it was cool mostly growing up together.

Can you tell us when you first realised the band would be a success? Do you remember what that turning point was?

It was probably somewhere around 2010 when we released Fools & Worthless Liars and our music really started to connect with people and we started playing big shows and people started turning up to shows more and more.

What it was like supporting music legends like Bruce Springsteen and Muse?

It was awesome but very surreal. It’s mad playing shows that large anyway but with Springsteen especially, who is an all time favourite of ours was insane!

Is there anyone on your bucketlist you would love to share a stage with?

We’d love to play with Kings of Leon or something like that.

As a veteran band how often do you come across up and coming bands asking for advice?

Not too often really, they’re normally asking how we managed to stay together through everything!

Is there any one we should be keeping an eye on? 

I’m not too sure really, there’s a pretty small American band called Pinegrove that everyone needs to check out!

What has been the best city in the UK you have played in?

Excluding hometown crowds Leeds is always great to be honest, always up for a laugh!

You’re coming to Glasgow on 18th February. What experiences do you have of playing in Glasgow before? Any stories?

Normally getting very very drunk in Nice n Sleazys! We always have an absolute riot in Glasgow.

What inspired the new album title All These Countless Nights?

Well it’s taken from a line in the song “Happiness”, but it ended up being quite fitting as all the songs are about experiences we’ve had over so many nights.

What message do you want to send fans from the new album?

I’m not too sure really, maybe that even though most of the songs are very sad, there is some hope and optimism in there.

What’s your plans for 2017 after the tour?

Well we’re touring Europe in March/April and then after that we’ll be hitting a few festivals. Our plans are just to play in front of as many people as is possible this year.



How competitive are the Veck-Gilodi brothers? Not at all really!

Would you rather eat dinner with Theresa May or Donald Trump? Neither, both are horrible.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you? I have too many to count, almost always involving falling over and/or passing out!

Do you use Tinder? Can you spill the beans on your bio? Never used Tinder.

Would you rather have no hands or no vocal cords? No vocal chords! I need to play guitar!

Best movie ever? Se7en

Tickets available for Deaf Havana at O2 ABC on 18 February here. 

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