New Hell Fire Club Rocks Edinburgh

nhcPreviously only Glasgow based, New Hellfire Club (NHC), the UK’s fastest growing nonprofit organisation for the promotions and distributions for independent bands has extended to Edinburgh. Finally, East Coast rockers are getting the same opportunities as those in Glasgow!

The aim of NHC is to help local bands, solo acts and all types of musicians thrive, help artists self-fund and get rid of scam artists, and the club has been active since 2011.

Now, in its fifth year of activity, the club has extended to Edinburgh, where a large number of its registered acts come from. However, those behind NHC have noticed that a lot of the benefits for registered acts aren’t actually as available to acts around the East Coast.

Chrissy Mullen, one of the partners for NHC music and Head of Operations for the Edinburgh Division has been in business for two years. He said, “A large number of our registered acts are from Edinburgh (and beyond!) and it hasn’t escaped our notice that the majority of our perks and services are more beneficial to local acts. So it’s about time we went out our way to make us more accessible to our East Coast friends and enter an exciting new scene at the same time.”

NHC works with several bands in Edinburgh, but it is agreed in the club that having an Edinburgh Division is much better for the club and the acts alike, as there is less call to only reach out via email and such. Already, the Edinburgh division has built up a strong team of writers, reviewers, photographers and promoters to continue the hands on work in Scotland’s capital. It didn’t take long for this to happen, as Edinburgh has a brilliant and booming music scene.

Mullen went on to say, “Edinburgh has a massive theatre and arts scene which gives us opportunities that aren’t all about music. We’ve been finding out about a lot of amazing charities and organisations (both music related and not) that may not be the most well-known and will be working towards helping out where we can. We also want to make sure our Edinburgh members have access to some of our most basic perks such as getting live reviews and photography with more ease.”

Over the past two years, NHC has been growing at an incredible rate, and a number of bands that has signed up to the club has followed suit.

NHC & TSA POTM: The Girobabies

The likes of the Girobabies, Media Whores, Steve Grozier and Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes are all acts registered with NHC. In April, NHC picked the Girobabies for TSA’s Pick of the Month; in an interview with the band, NHC said, We’re so glad to get The Girobabies on for POTM, as, to be honest, you have pretty much been pick of the past year and longer for a good percentage of the volunteers here at NHC music.”

Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 are also registered with NHC and have been growing and thriving at a spectacular rate. From now until September, the band is going to be extremely busy as their schedule is jampacked with gigs, and they are appearing at several festivals. These gigs include Butefest, Mugstock and Doune the Rabbit Hole. Last month they appeared at Oran Mor for the West End Festival.

Many of the NHC registered bands are also part of The Yellow Movement

This band is behind the Yellow Movement, a collection of bands who just aim to spread happiness and good will – the Girobabies are also a part of this movement. The first bands that NHC Edinburgh has worked with are Geek Maggot Bingo, Sacre Noir, and Jamie Robert Ross.

So NHC is thriving in Edinburgh – what else is going on with the club?

Mullen says, “We’ve got quite a few projects in the works as well as the Edinburgh Division’s new flagship project “NHC Online” which we have just launched. We’ve been in talks and working with a few other ethical businesses, venues and promoters about events and projects to take on for the next few months (hint: there’s a chance we may be showing our faces at the Fringe!) and also finding more ways to help our registered acts.”

And what is NHC online? Well, this is going to be NHC’s own video sessions with bands and artists who are registered with them. Those behind the club noticed from all their time running online pages that videos are just better at getting messages across, rather than text and pictures alone. The volunteer writers from the club to great work, but then they had a thought: what if we paired a great article with a great video too? When videos are involved with articles, views seem to sky rocket.

NHC is a way for the club to run with the idea in its entirety. This way, NHC can use video teams, interviewers, and live music sessions to promote the bands and artists we work with even more.

A representative from the club said that “It’s an exciting project for us to be honest, and welcome step forward in what we do.”

As said, NHS is growing at an incredible rate. Can we expect expansions to other areas in Scotland in the future, and then to the whole UK?

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