Knockout – The First LGBT Boxing Club in Scotland

How’s that “New Year, New You” fitness regime going?

If it’s as successful as mine currently is, you may need a new outlet to dust off the cobwebs and get back into fighting fit shape. There are LGBT sports groups all over the country and now is as good a time as any to get stuck in.

You’re in luck, as Glasgow finally has its own LGBT-inclusive boxing group. Knockout, the first LGBT boxing club in Scotland, is looking to emulate the success of other LGBT-friendly sports clubs and has already generated a fair amount of interest.

There are LGBT sports groups all over the country and now is as good a time as any to get stuck in. And if boxing isn’t your thing, you may want to try something completely different and join Glasgow Frontrunners, an LGBT running club guaranteed to motivate you and ensure you make use of your immaculately white running shoes.

The best thing about the club – aside from their LGBT inclusivity, of course – is that the course is catered towards beginners; if you haven’t run since you were forced to in school or haven’t been since the weather nose-dived last autumn, this is the ideal environment to get back on your feet and enjoy running again.

Yes, believe it or not you can enjoy running. Every sports club offers something different, but taking part in a gay-friendly group like Frontrunners or The Sonics is a great way to meet people in the LGBT community – especially if you’re new to the scene – while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t worry if neither of these groups is handy for you to get to; whether you’re in Aberdeen, Dundee or beyond, there are bound to be great, inclusive sports clubs to join and get fit. And if not, start one yourself!

Put down the remote and find a sport or activity you love, grab your pals and start your very own inclusive sports club.

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